beauty fades, dumb is forever
ashley. infj. less agreeable by the day. disillusioned and lost. lawless communities, blasphemy, golden fools, evil matriarchs, and villain protagonists.

» [59/100] photos of Meryl Streep

» [59/100] photos of Meryl Streep

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Sarah Paulson & Pedro Pascal at the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards

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What do you think about Tara knowles?

her hair was super tragic in season six

Nobody’s a traitor until they are. Rome (2005-2007)

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His sister sat in a puddle of wine, cradling her son’s body. Her gown was torn and stained, her face white as chalk.

The boy is gone, Cersei.

Gillian Jacobs - The Coveteur - March 2014

Gillian Jacobs - The Coveteur - March 2014

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Amethysts. Black amethysts from Asshai, my lady.

how many of you have ever felt personally victimized by ryann

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